Pacific Volt Launches Intelligent Voltage Regulator in the UK

Seattle, December 1, 2017/newswire/-- Pacific Volt, a Seattle-based provider of intelligent voltage regulators for low voltage networks, will launch a version of its new LVR-30 on December 6, 2017 in the UK.   The product will be exhibited at the Low Carbon Network Innovation (LCNI) event in Telford in partnership with Fundamentals Ltd, the UK’s leading experts in grid voltage control (  Pacific Volt’s CTO Greg Wiegand will be on hand supporting the UK launch.  The LVR-30 is already available in Australia and will launch in North America in 2018.

Pacific Volt has also announced that it is working to conclude a distribution, support and technical cooperation agreement with Fundamentals early in 2018.

Distribution Network Operators face new challenges as distributed solar and wind generation subject their networks to rapid, unpredictable changes in supply. At the same time, smart meters are revealing voltage variations at the point of delivery to individual customers, rather than at the substation. These challenges are sometimes best met on secondary lines where they occur, and the LVR-30 is an immediate, cost-effective solution.  Each highly efficient LVR-30 corrects voltage amplitude and greatly reduces flicker.  The units can be installed to operate independently, or tied to data or control systems.  LVR-30s strategically located on a secondary network permit the operator to maintain voltage compliance to each customer along the line without raising voltage at the substation to achieve it.  With sub-cycle regulation speed, LVR-30s can immediately improve the performance of today’s networks, helping DNOs respond to ongoing rapid changes in how and where electrical power is produced and consumed.

Pacific Volts' CEO Wolfgang Struss noted: “Our single-purpose design requires fewer parts, which reduces the weight, size, and cost to manufacture, deploy, and maintain our products.  Our utility customers prefer durability over complexity and lower costs over bundled features that may not be needed.  The LVR-30 is rugged and built to last a long time with little or no oversight. It doesn’t require an internet connection, so security can be tight today without sacrificing the flexibility to adapt to smart grid data and control networks in the future.”

Fundamentals Ltd Managing Director Jon Hiscock explained: “There is a natural synergy between our substation- based Automatic Voltage Control technology, dynamically managing Transformer Tap Changers, and that of Pacific Volt’s intelligent control technology that address the problem out in the network at the Low Voltage Distribution level.  Our company philosophies are perfectly aligned so we see great benefits in this relationship”.

Pacific Volt CTO Greg Wiegand pointed out the benefits of the LVR-30’s core technology: “Series voltage regulation efficiently produces consistent, stable results which do not depend on the x/r ratio of the circuit, or the reactance of the load. Series regulation is up to ten times more efficient than shunt regulators (VAR control), depending on the circuit reactance.”


Pacific Volt provides intelligent voltage regulators to utilities, micro-grids, and other alternative energy producers/consumers needing to control harmful voltage irregularities to achieve their power quality, compliance, and conservation objectives.  Our highly reliable, field-proven products efficiently and cost-effectively stabilize voltage fluctuations, and helps enable integration of distributed energy resources (DER) into the traditional grid infrastructure. In 2017, Pacific Volt acquired the assets of MicroPlanet, a voltage regulation technology innovator which served customers in the UK, Australia, and North America. The LVR-30 incorporates the acquired technology and substantially updates it.


Contact person:    Wolfgang Struss




Fundamentals Ltd is a privately-owned company founded in 1994 following its breakthrough invention of TAPP (Transformer Automatic Paralleling Package), the subsequent SuperTAPP relay and today the third generation SuperTAPP SG relay.  Established as leaders in voltage control for electrical grids, the company prides itself in finding smarter solutions to the challenges of grid transformation and in doing so is committed in its mission to delivering innovation in both products and services to help improve the health and performance of the electrical power grid.


Contact person:    Maria Vitale



SOURCE: Pacific Volt